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BE IN AGRICULTURE is a Platform or Application accessible through web browsers on the www.beinagriculture.com or through its mobile applications whose mission is to connect professionals in agricultural and agri-food sector with a view to acquiring and developing knowledge, finding appropriate opportunities and trade skills, building professional relationships, following events and improving professional practices.

Any person (natural or legal) wishing to benefit from the “BE IN AGRICULTURE Services” is called to read and recognize terms of this contract and to accept its clauses. By clicking on “Register”, “Create account”, “Connect” or a similar element registering you to BE IN AGRICULTURE, by accessing or using it, you acknowledge that you agree to this “USER AGREEMENT” which legally binds you with BE IN AGRICULTURE.

By using the "BE IN AGRICULTURE Services", User recognizes its clauses and accepts them without exception. The “User Agreement” is made up of: 1) the BE IN AGRICULTURE Charter, 2) Conditions of use, 3) Privacy policies and 4) Conditions to creating the “BE IN AGRICULTURE Pages”.

Due to diversity of the “BE IN AGRICULTURE Services” and the continuous improvement they undergo to satisfy users need and expectation, all users declare having read and accepted the additional or modifying clauses of this agreement (clause number 08 of Conditions of use details updates).

Agreement parties

  • Users

User is any natural or legal person holding an account on the "BE IN AGRICULTURE Platform". If you use BE IN AGRICULTURE Services as a Legal Person (company, organization, public structure or any other legal entity) you declare that you are authorized to represent it (“You” and “Your” refer to this entity) and that you have the right to commit it to this “User agreement”.


BE IN AGRICULTURE committed by the "User Agreement" means "the Company BE IN AGRICULTURE SARL RC 33387-Agadir" owner of the "BE IN AGRICULTURE Platform".


In the perspective to contribute to develop agricultural and agri-food sector, "BE IN AGRICULTURE sarl Company" creates and manages the "BE IN AGRICULTURE Platform" accessible through web browsers on www.beinagriculture.com or through its mobile applications. This platform allows professional, scientific and technical exchange and communication between natural or legal persons operating in the above-mentioned sectors with a view to acquiring and developing knowledge and improving professional practices.

This charter aims to provide a framework for the BE IN AGRICUTURE Platform and includes principles that will serve as the basis for rights and responsibilities of users.

1.1 Identity creation

To benefit from the Platform's services, every natural or legal person may obtain an identity through creating an account and specifying his identity by using the Platform’s monitoring and setting tools.

Each user specifies his identity and sets information that can be displayed to his network or to the general public. The user’s identity and his network on the Platform shall be the user’s business capital that may only be suspended or cancelled under the conditions specified in the “Terms of use”.

1.2 Nature and type of the Platform Services

The Platform aims to contribute to the development of agriculture (plants and animals) and agri-food sectors around the world. It offers users a variety of services which access is governed by the "User agreement" clauses, in particular:

  • Communication between actors of the sectors targeted by the Platform;
  • Access to information (technical, scientific, financial, etc.) shared between users (physical or legal);
  • Access to the services offered by the platform;

1.3 Type of information published and right of publication

The Platform interested in exchanging information relating to the agricultural (plant and animal) and agri-food sector throughout the entire value chain (from production to marketing).

Posted and swapped information relates to scientific, technical, financial, economic and political content (general policies related to the sectors targeted by the platform). Contents can be text, links, graphics, photos, audio, videos or other elements or a combination of elements. Posted and swapped information are conditioned by the provisions of "Agreement User".

Any user has right to publish content, via internet, respecting the platform charter and to specify its accessibility by other users, using setting tools. Likewise, users can comment (for debate and enrichment) and rebroadcast.

1.4 Right to recognize platform users

Any user (of the platform) has the right to recognize (find) other users through the platform's search engines by accessing to the following information: names, profile and cover photos, country of origin, areas of interest and account links on social or professional networks. Otherwise, access to a user's contact information (email, phone numbers and addresses) is conditioned by the user's authorization via the platform's settings tools.

1.5 Right of exchange with platform users

Any user has the right to exchange directly (bilateral and direct exchange via the platform's messaging service) with users who are part of his network.

In addition, indirect exchanges can be achieved, between users, by reactions to accessible publications (comments, appreciations, response in groups).

1.6 Right of access to information provided by users or by the platform

Any user has the right to access, benefit from and use the information published by other users or by the platform itself.

1.7 Intellectual property

BE IN AGRICULTURE affirms its respect and endorsement of intellectual property rights. Yet, taking into account (1) the nature and specificity of the Platform services which provide for information exchange, popularization and sharing, and (2) the difficulty to recognize the intellectual property of posted contents and the Platform incompetence therein, BE IN AGRICULTURE assumes the intellectual property rights of information owners who alone may share it with all users of the platform.

1.8 Updating published information

Any user has the right to modify the information he disseminates, delete it and constrain it through the control and setting tools allowed before it is redistributed by other users.

The user cannot control the use of information after it has been disseminated.

1.9 Equality in the operation of platform services

The platform offers free and paid services. All users have equal rights to access these services. Paid services are governed by the " Platform services costs > Term of use" clause of the terms of use.

1.10 Compliance with platform “User agreement”

All users undertake to comply with the terms of the BE IN AGRICULTURE “User agreement” comprising 1) the BE IN AGRICULTURE Charter, 2) Terms of use, 3) Privacy policies and 4) Conditions for creating the “BE IN AGRICULTURE Pages”.

1.11 Globalization of the Website services.

BE IN AGRICULTURE Services are available and deliverable online worldwide beyond countries’ geographic borders.

This is drafted in the Arabic language. In case there is any conflict or inconsistency between the original text and the translated ones, the Arabic text shall be the governing and prevailing version.

2. Terms of use

These "Terms of Use" govern user access and use of the BE IN AGRICULTURE Services, as well as the content created or shared by users.

2.1 Account creation

By creating an account and declaring requested information, you are required to comply with the following:

  • Declare actual data that represents the actual identity of the account owner;
  • Do not adopt another identity, whether physical or moral;
  • Do not create more than one identity;
  • Do not create the identity for a natural person under the age of 16;
  • Do not create identity for scam;

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your account access information. BE IN AGRICULTURE therefore invites you to:

  • Use a strong password and limit its use to that account.
  • Control your email declared when registering for the account and do not lose it or lose the method of its access. The email mastery declared during your registration will allow you to recover or change your account passwords on the platform.
  • Control your mobile phone number that you declare to protect your account (Account management and security in the "Settings" menu). Your mobile phone number will allow you to receive access codes to retrieve passwords.

If you change your mobile phone number, you must change it on the platform (Account management and security in the Settings menu) so that the access codes of your account are not available to others.

2.2 Responsibilities for content created or shared

By using the account, you are responsible for your use of the services and any content you provide. Therefore, all content falls under the sole responsibility of the person who created and / or shared it. BE IN AGRICULTURE does not necessarily monitor or control all content published via the platform, and cannot assume responsibility for it.

Any use or use of any content is done at your own risk. BE IN AGRICULTURE does not endorse, support, declare or guarantee the completeness, veracity, accuracy or reliability of any content or any information published via the platform, nor does it endorse none of the opinions expressed through them.

Each user is obliged to respect the following ethical values:

  • Do not use racial, discriminatory, antipathy or offensive content against religions;
  • Do not publish content related to the use of plant or animal products, or practices that may threaten or damage humanity and/or its environment such as: tobacco, natural or processed drugs and narcotics and chemicals whose use is banned internationally;
  • Do not to use content offensive to persons (natural or legal) for blackmail, intimidation or defamation;
  • Do not use pornographic or provocative content, or that contains violence towards people and environment;
  • Do not attempt to scam or pirate trademarks or data or infringe intellectual property.

2.3 Security

By using the platform's services, you are prohibited to:

  • Access, tamper or use non-public areas of the services and computer systems of the platform;
  • Probe, explore or test the vulnerability of platform systems, or violate or bypass any security or authentication measures;
  • Attempt to get user passwords (either by robotic programs or other malicious intent);
  • Attempt to destroy the platform content or to malfunction it by any method (viruses and other malware).

2.4 Rights and responsibilities

BE IN AGRICULTURE grants you a personal, royalty-free, non-transferable and non-exclusive license authorizing you to use the platform via web browsers or its mobile applications (available on google-play , app-store ).

By submitting, publishing or displaying content on or via the platform's services, you grant BE IN AGRICULTURE a royalty-free and non-exclusive license (including the right to sublicense), authorizing it to use (copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute) this content on any medium and by any method of distribution currently known or developed in the future. This license authorizes BE IN AGRICULTURE to make your content available to the rest of the world and authorizes others to do the same without you being able to claim any remuneration for this content.

BE IN AGRICULTURE reserves right to consult, read, store and disclose any information to the extent that BE IN AGRICULTURE deems necessary for the purposes of: 1) fulfilling any legal or regulatory obligation, legal procedure or applicable administrative request; 2) enforce the Agreement, including by facilitating investigations into possible breaches of Agreement clauses; 3) detect, prevent or in any other way deal with any problem of a fraudulent, security or technical nature; 4) respond to user requests for assistance; 5) protect rights, property and security of the platform, users and the public.

The platform services are likely to be changed occasionally or permanently. The platform may cease (temporarily or permanently) to provide you, or more generally to users, services or any functionality.

The platform is likely to set limits for use and storage, to withdraw or refuse to distribute any content, services, to restrict distribution or visibility of any content on services or to suspend or terminate a user and recover usernames, without incurring any liability to you.

By connecting to the Platform, you accept that the company BE IN AGRICULTURE and its providers and third-party partners can place advertisements on the services, or in connection with displayed content or information from the services and submitted by you or others.

Nothing in these Conditions shall give you right to use the name of BE IN AGRICULTURE, nor the trademarks, logos, domain names, other distinctive attributes and exclusive rights of the BE IN AGRICULTURE brand and other rights of intellectual property.

2.5 Disclaimer and limitation of liability

By accepting these Terms, you agree that Services are being provided to you "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE". BE IN AGRICULTURE and its partners disclaim any liability or guarantee with regard to merchantability, fitness for a specific use and non-violation of the rights of third parties, in particular:

  • Completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the services or any content;
  • Any damage to your computer system, loss of data or any other damage resulting when you access to the services or any content and from their use;
  • Suitability of services to your needs or their uninterrupted, secure and error-free availability;
  • Any conduct or content of a third party within the framework of the services, including in particular, any defamatory, offensive or unlawful conduct on the part of other users or third parties;
  • Unauthorized access, use or alteration of your transmissions or content.

2.6 Termination and account deactivation

User can permanently close or temporarily deactivate his account at any time (Account management and security in the Settings menu).

The Platform may temporarily suspend or permanently close an account, or cease providing it with all or part of the services, at any time, for any reason, in particular in the case of:

  • Violation of the provisions of the user agreement;
  • Creation of risks for BE IN AGRICULTURE or its exposure to possible legal proceedings.

The platform will notify you of these actions at the email address associated with your account or when you next attempt to access your account. Upon final termination of your account, your license to use the Platform Services will end.

If you believe that your account has been terminated in error, you can appeal by following the instructions of our assistance center (www.beinagriculture.com/legal/assistance).

Upon final termination or temporary deactivation of the account, the provisions of this contract will continue to apply.

2.7 Applicable law and dispute resolution

Any dispute arising out or relating to the terms of the "User Agreement" or to the Platform Services shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of the City of Agadir. Only the laws of the Kingdom of Morocco are applicable regardless of the nationality of the user and of his identity.

2.8 General provisions

2.8.1 Updating the "User Agreement" elements

Given the continuous improvement of BE IN AGRICULTURE's services to meet the needs and expectations of users, changes may be made, at any time, to the elements of the "User Agreement". Changes will not be retroactive and our relationship will be governed by the updated version which you can consult any time at www.beinagriculture.com/legal/contrat .

Changes to the "User Agreement" will be notified (internal platform notification or by e-mail sent to the e-mail address associated with your account). The entry into force of changes for technical reasons or new features provided will take place within 30 days of notification. However, the entry into force of changes for legal reasons is immediate after notification.

By continuing to access the BE IN AGRICULTURE Services or by using them after the entry into force of the changes, you agree to be committed by the updates made.

2.8.2 Communication with users

The Platform communicates with Users (in the event of any updates, creating of new services or when necessary) by the following tools:

  • Informative publications on the Platform;
  • Communication through emails associated with the account;
  • Users can communicate with the platform through the assistance center www.beinagriculture.com/legal/assistance

2.8.3 Platform services costs

Regarding the costs of the services, BE IN AGRICULTURE declares the following:

  • Free services with the exception of advertising services;
  • User can pay certain fees or taxes imposed by the telecom companies in their countries when receiving messages (SMS) on their mobile phones (registration confirmation or password change codes for your account or other communications with the Platform);
  • If a paid service is created, the platform will inform users through the communication tools detailed in the "communication with users" part;
  • The rates for paid services will be communicated to interested by contacting quotation@beinagriculture.com

This is drafted in the Arabic language. In case there is any conflict or inconsistency between the original text and the translated ones, the Arabic text shall be the governing and prevailing version.

3. Privacy policies

We refer to the “Privacy Policies” the BE IN AGRICULTURE user information policies

BE IN AGRICULTURE adopts an objective policy in (1) the use of information provided by users and that collected on them and (2) information shared between users with transparency and professionalism.

Our "Privacy Policy" describes what data we collect from you and how we treat information you provide to us when you use our services. You acknowledge that by using BE IN AGRICULTURE Services, you consent to our collection and use of such information, including in cases where such information is transferred to other countries for the purpose of being stored.

3.1 What information does BE IN AGRICULTURE collect?

BE IN AGRICULTURE searches for and gathers the information offered and shared between users as follows:

3.1.1 Information on the user identity offered by himself

The user offers information on his identity when registering for his account and when using the platform's services, in particular: surname and first name, email address, country, mobile phone number, date of birth, the Curriculum Vitae.

3.1.2 Information shared between users

BE IN AGRICULTURE brings information offered and shared between users in order to facilitate research and access to information.

In addition to your publications, BE IN AGRICULTURE gathers information related to the content you have read, what you liked or shared, and other information determining your areas of interest, the languages you use and other information that allow you to offer more relevant content

3.1.3 Information collected about users

BE IN AGRICULTURE gathers information about the user when using or accessing the Platform Services such as the type of device and versions of the used browsers; the connection languages, the IP address connection, country of connection, etc.

BE IN AGRICULTURE uses Cookies and / or similar technologies to collect data, please see «Cookies Policy».

3.2 How is the information collected used?

The information is collected in an objective manner to build professional databases in the agricultural and agri-food sector. The information is used for:

3.2.12 Offer the best professional services

BE IN AGRICULTURE uses the collected information in particular to protect your account and display more relevant publications, content and services, as well as people to contact and events to follow.

The Platform analyzes information to provide professional services and meet user expectations. In this context, the platform carries out surveys, tests and studies to understand users' expectations and contribute to their assistance (communication and technical exchanges, monitoring of new developments in several activities in the sectors targeted by the platform, use of experiences and expertise, etc.).

3.2.2 Advertising

BE IN AGRICULTURE offers the possibility of advertising for actors in the agricultural and agri-food sector. The Platform uses the information about your identity and the information you follow and share to display offers and advertisements that may be of interest to you. The Platform also tracks and measures user reaction to advertisements and offers proposals for better advertising services.

3.3 How does the user control and manage their information?

The user controls and manages his information through the setting tools available to him on the platform. The user can update his information at any time and can set up the rules and conditions for other users' access to his information (for example, configure who can view his contact details: email, telephone numbers, address, location).

BE IN AGRICULTURE continues to process your data in case of the temporary suspension of your account until it is definitively closed.

BE IN AGRICULTURE stops processing your data in the event that your account is permanently closed. However, BE IN AGRICULTURE reserves right to keep information of the permanently closed accounts to meet any legal or regulatory obligation, legal procedure or applicable administrative request.

3.4 Protection of personal data

The personal information collected on the Platform is subject to processing intended for the management of users and to enable them to take advantage of the various services of the platform. Data collected may be shared with other users, with subcontractors of the "BE IN AGRICULTURE" Company or with advertisers subject to your consent expressed by acceptance of the "User Agreement". Where applicable, BE IN AGRICULTURE will require the protection of data shared by contractual clauses with its partners.

In accordance with Law No. 09-08 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you have right to access and rectify personal information concerning you, which you can carry out directly on your profile (Menu> Settings) or by contacting the platform's assistance service on the page www.beinagriculture.com/legal/assistance.

You can also, for any reason, object to the data concerning you being processed by definitively closing your account.

BE IN AGRICULTURE stops processing your data in the event that your account is permanently closed. However, BE IN AGRICULTURE reserves right to keep information of the permanently closed accounts to meet any legal or regulatory obligation, legal procedure or applicable administrative request.

This processing was declared to the CNDP (The National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data https://www.cndp.ma ) under receipt N ° ……… of… /… /…. , the transfer of the data abroad was notified under the number ……, on… /…. /…. .

3.5 Data hosting

By accepting the "User Agreement", the user expressly authorizes the BE IN AGRICULTURE Company to store data on its servers hosted at AMAZON ( https://aws.amazon.com ), based in France. The user also accepts that the BE IN AGRICULTURE Company has the possibility of transferring for any reason data for storage and hosting on its own servers or its servers hosted by providers in Morocco or any country after authorization from the CNDP.

The user certifies that his consent was given freely and may be freely withdrawn by definitive closure of his account.

The user is hereby informed of the specific circumstances of the transfer of data in accordance with Law 09-08 (https://www.cndp.ma/images/lois/Loi-09-08-Fr.pdf ) relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

This transfer was authorized by the CNDP under number T-….-Xxxx / 2021

This is drafted in the Arabic language. In case there is any conflict or inconsistency between the original text and the translated ones, the Arabic text shall be the governing and prevailing version.


The "BE IN AGRICULTURE Pages" serve as a representation of "Organizations" and allow post news of their activities, information on the life of the organization, job offers, products and services and much more. With BE IN AGRICULTURE pages, users can find out more about organizations: Brands, products, services and employment opportunities.

When creating a "BE IN AGRICULTURE Page", the organization and the creating user agree to the following conditions:

  • An "Organization" is understood here by the representation of a natural or legal person;
  • User who created the “BE IN AGRICULTURE Page” is the representative of the organization and has right to act on his own account to create and manage the Page;
  • Organization is represented by the user who created the Page;
  • Organization complies with the BE IN AGRICULTURE user contract terms;
  • Not to attempt to scam or pirate trademarks or data or infringe intellectual property;
  • Declare real data (information) represents the real identity of the organization owns the Page;
  • Do not adopt the identity of another organization;
  • Do not create more than one Page for the same organization;
  • Do not create a Page for an organization that does not exist or that no longer exists (For legal reasons);
  • Organization and its representative agree to respond to all requests from “BE IN AGRICULTURE” if necessary, in order to ensure that the Page is represents the organization, under penalty of suspension or account closure in case of non-response.

Seven types of “BE IN AGRICULTURE Pages” can be created:

  • Pages of individuals (farmers, producers, researchers, students, those interested in "agriculture and agri-food", ...);
  • Farm and agri-food units Pages;
  • Company pages (Companies of goods / services);
  • Pages of professional organizations (Associations, cooperatives, professional organizations, etc.);
  • Pages of government institutions;
  • Pages of non-governmental organizations
  • Pages of educational establishments (Universities, grandes écoles, etc.).

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